The Marauders

In the darkest hour of the mind,

they enter triumphant with need to find

Those ripened nightmares, fears and frights

that occupy your restless nights.

In remotest enclaves of anxious dreams,

they launch their grizzly assaults unseen.

At elusive phantom constructs charge

dismantling, scattering scooping up large.

As fragments of the conflict writhe

no longer in whole will survive.

The Marauders circle to gather all

those dark thoughts as they do fall.

You are the landscape of this battle

with inner spaces that clang and rattle

How much time has now past by?

only a blink of your inner eye.

Then quietening as the victors leave

heavy with booty they need to heave

To where they go is of no concern

only soon you hope return.

For as dawn breaks with light you need

to define reality you must heed

Dreadful thoughts will form again

in empty places now so plain.

Then returning as you will to sleep

from regions all around will leap.

Dreadful thoughts from your time awake

will assemble to remake. 

All those nightmares, fears and frights

that only form when darkest nights

Give no logic to any thought

over which a battle must be fought.

For now you can in deepest rest

be far removed from future quests.

Build strength in dreams of far and wide

readying for journeys on a new moon’s tide.